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As indicated by its name, Goldsmiths Urban produces gold and silver products of all kind. Its business area, however, also includes the processing of jewels and gemstones, their hemming as well as the classic tasks of a retail jeweller.

Our staffs´ expertise, enhanced through constant training and education, is a guarantee of exemplary service and advice for our customers.

Through constant market observation we strive to recognize and offer trends in an early stage, just as in the past 40 years. We aim to continue building up and maintaining good contacts to well-known and important partners all over the world in order to permanently offer our customers diamonds, gems and pearls at the best cost-benefit ratio.

Technically perfect manual work and the use of precious materials are our core principles since these values only secure best quality and customer loyalty.

Obliged to our handicraft’s tradition and our company’s reputation we aim to offer our customers a broad range of products. We manage to achieve this goal through keeping an open mind for all cultures and ideologies as well as visiting international trade shows all over the world. Our products help people to make particularly beautiful moments in their lives unforgettable.

Apart from design and precious materials we lay particular emphasis on the wearing comfort of our jewelleries, the prerequisite for giving real pleasure.

We strive to offer customers of all ages a broad choice of design and prices. At the same time we aim to keep both production and services at the highest possible level. We intend to use the technical advances in our trade to secure optimum production conditions for the future.

Teamwork is essential for the creative development of our jewelleries. Each staff member is encouraged to bring in his ideas. Teamwork allows to celebrate a joint success thus guaranteeing that each staff member stays motivated. We wish that all our staff should benefit from our company’s business development. Our aim is to give in particular young people a future perspective through apprenticeships thus achieving long-time social security.

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